30th International Conference
on Massive Storage Systems
and Technology (MSST 2014)

Santa Clara, California, USA
June 2 — 6, 2014

Sponsored by Santa Clara University,
Computer Engineering

Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

MSST 2014 Speaker

Theodore Wong, Illumina

Theodore Wong

"Bigomics": Challenges and promises in large scale sequencing projects

Large scale sequencing projects promise a better understanding of the genetic foundations of life, longevity, and disease. The arrival of the $1000 genome made it financially feasible to study genomes of cohorts comprising tens or hundreds of thousands of participants, but the technical and social challenges facing these studies, however, remain enormous. The technical include the efficient storage, management, and analysis of genomic data, while the social include the consent and privacy rights of cohort participants. In this talk, I discuss these challenges and some approaches to address them.

Theodore Wong is a staff software engineer at Illumina, a developer and manufacturer of life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Before joining Illumina, Dr. Wong was a Research Staff Member at IBM Research - Almaden, where he worked on an eclectic range of projects, including distributed storage, distributed computing for embedded compute clusters in space, and neural network hardware architecture simulations.

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